VooDoo Priestess Exacts Revenge On Govt Official

What does a Voodoo Priestess do when someone passes her bad checks?

Does she:

  1. Perform voodoo rituals to curse the check writer
  2. Cuts off the heads of chickens and leave them on the check writer’s doorstep
  3. Calls Judge Judy
  4. Files charges against the check writer

 If you chose “d“, you are right!

This NutBunny, Annette Kesting, a Cobb County Commissioner (Georgia), “allegedly” wrote $3,000 in bad checks to voodoo priestess, George Ann Mills (S.C.), in an attempt to curse her opponent Woody Thompson.

Kesting wrote $3,000 in bad checks, allegedly for the services of a “high priestess of voodoo” to prepare an untimely demise for commissioner candidate Woody Thompson. Kesting wanted the priestess, identified by authorities as George Ann Mills of Blythewood, S.C., to cause Thompson to “catch cancer” or “have a car accident” according to a police report obtained by WSB-TV. [SOURCE]

Kesting….YOU ARE A DUMB ASS!! Not to mention crazy as hell! Who in the HOT KRISPY HELL elected this deranged mentally unstable ass to office? Oh, I forgot!! The stupid phvckers that live in MY district!!

She paid the voodoo woman with a dayum check creating a paper trail!! DUH! Under-handed shit ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS requires cash you dipshit!!

Chiiiile, you are sooooo screwed!!!

The legal trouble for the bad checks are just the beginning. I would bet my hard earned money that the voodoo woman is NOT dumb. She’s a resourceful ruthless agent of the Dark Lords.

Aside from the legal woes surrounding your alleged bad checks, don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself butterball ass nekkid, clucking like a chicken, doing the Macarana on the steps of the county courthouse in Marietta Square.

What I wouldn’t give to see that shit!!! 😀

6 thoughts on “VooDoo Priestess Exacts Revenge On Govt Official

  1. This is absolutely hillarious! How many times, how many times have people written bad checks and even flown to Africa to suck the dingalong of a witchdoctah to get rid of my azz? ROTFL! For reel yo, my ex-wifey still stickin’ pins in dolls. This is absolutely hysterical! Thanks for the post!

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