Must See TV – McCain on The View

I’ll let the video(s) speak for themselves. There are 3 parts.

One observation though…Cindy McCain is a drone robot, a Stepford Wife. Peep out how she hugs Elizabytch, but only shakes the hands of Whoopi, Barbara, and Sherri (they cut to the audience on Joy)

7 thoughts on “Must See TV – McCain on The View

  1. Here’s another for all your readers to pass along. Only by coming together can we keep these liars, out of office. Imagine saying in front of Whoopi taht he wants the constitution as the founding fathers first drafted it. Come on now, that would reverse women receiving the right to vote, as well as bring back slavery. I could go on. And if Palin winks and says Charlie’s name one more time I was gonna upchuck. So, here’s the link:

  2. If this crypt keeper of the 21st century makes it into office, I’m giving up. He scares me more than Bush. His little “Real/Fake America” Barometer of a VP candidate freaks me out even more. I believe the only thing more scared of her than me is a moose.

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