Port-o-Potty Upgrade

These are photos of a new public restroom in Houston. It is made of one-way glass where no one can see in but once inside, you can see out.

Would you utilize the facility? Could you?

Sorry, I couldn’t do it! NOPE! NO WAY!!! I have enough bathroom hangups as it is and this would have me on the verge of being potty challenged the rest of my life!! 8)


11 thoughts on “Port-o-Potty Upgrade

  1. There is no way in heck that I could use that washroom. Can you imagine sitting there doing your thinging and witnessing a crime? What would you do then?

  2. No way I could do that! First, not knowing the history of it I would automatically assume they could see in so I would walk my arse right back out! uh-uh…

  3. Well, I think I’d find myself sitting in there for a long time just watching the people. But you know, when you gotta go, you gotta go. So, I’d probably use it. (However, I always keep clorox wipes in my purse and would use it after I gave it a once over with the wipe. 😀 ).

  4. I would L-O-V-E to use that can. Do you realize how awesome that thing is. I get the enjoyment of peeing outside without getting arrested. And if you take your lady in there….Y’all getting it on, while folks walking by. You watching them, but they can’t see you. Lemme go check on ticket prices to Houston.

  5. Cool concept indeed, but I will pass on using it. Something like this should be marveled at a museum or possibly used in one’s private residence, but never in a public area such as the middle of a busy city. There would be some white chick ready and willing to use it though…LOL!

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