Old School Friday – #9

This week’s theme is “songs by men with perms“. I thought you guys had me stumped with this one but I’m a resourceful lady!! We were told everyone couldn’t pick Prince because he was everyone’s first thought, of course!! Next in line…Michael Jackson. MEH…I’ll pass on him too!! 🙂

The Dreamlovers were an American doo wop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Formed in 1956, the group took several names early in its career, recording demos as The Romancers and The Midnighters (under which name they backed Chubby Checker on a 1958 recording of “The Twist”). They recorded briefly for V-Tone Records before signing to Heritage Records, who released their 1961 single “When We Get Married“. The song reached #10 on the US Billboard Hot 100; the next year, their tune “If I Should Lose You” (on End Records) made it to #61.

The group remained active well into the 1960s. “When We Get Married” was covered by The Intruders in 1970. [Source]

Just for kicks and giggles…..

Be sure to visit all O.S.F. participants…cause the party ain’t ova! )

Quick Regina Cassandra
MarvalusOne AJ Believer 1964
Marcus LANGFORD Lisa C Kreative Talk
Electronic Village invisiblewoman sHaE-sHaE

11 thoughts on “Old School Friday – #9

  1. Oh no you didn’t. Don’t nobody talk about the Jackson. Awww Lawd, don’t you talk about the Jacksons. LOL Don’t laught but I still like this song. Great picks.

  2. Ok, don’t laugh but I like Jermaine Jackson, that album was good.

    I have not heard of the Dreamlovers either, but you can’t go wrong if you pick a song from the 50’s because all of them dudes had a process. The 50’s and 80’s are a good source.

  3. I love “When We Get Married” it was also redone by Larry Graham (that is the version that I remember) but it is a awesome song!

    I had forgot that Jermaine Jackson made that song! I actually used to like that song!
    Great choices!

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