Old School Friday – #7

A few of you were disappointed that I took a week off but as promised, I’m back. The theme this week is wedding songs; songs you played at your wedding or would like to have played at your wedding. Mrs. Grapevine was feeling a little “sentimental” this week.

Be sure to visit all O.S.F. participants…cause the party ain’t ova! )

Quick Regina Cassandra
MarvalusOne AJ Rosemarie
Marcus LANGFORD Lisa C Kreative Talk
Electronic Village invisiblewoman sHaE-sHaE
Mrs. Grapevine    

15 thoughts on “Old School Friday – #7

  1. anytime i see a video where a brotha has a fro, i assume that the song came well before or right around the time i came to exist in january 1979…lol. nonetheless, i really do like this song. i have never heard it before.

  2. This is a sweet one. That’s something missing from music today, the male and female duet. The 60’s and 70’s were loaded with them.

    Anyway great pick.

    I can’t leave a comment without mentioning the Cleopatra-braid-weave-hat-thing. I remember Rick James had a few, and so many other artist from the disco era.

  3. Great song choice Choc. Soft and gentle. Sometimes that the best way. You always amaze me. And thanks again for playing my guy Gary Puckett today. You may be more familiar with his recording of “Young Girl”. One of my daughter’s friends made 3 CDs for our wedding reception and it had a little of everything on it from Luther to Aretha, to Gary Puckett, to some country too. Plus, our song too. Hope your weekend is good.

  4. Oh man! This is a GOOD one. Perfect song…”With You I’m Born Again.” What more needs to be said on the wedding day?

  5. I know I’m late, but love that song Choc! My wedding song was “For You I Will” by Kenny Lattimore, still love that song today.

    P.S. Love that song by Raheim D.

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