Saturday Morning Throwback

After the morning I had at work today, I needed a shot of Patron! But since I’m not into drinking alone nor to ease any emotional pain, I decided against it. Instead I decided to reminisce on some childhood memories that made me smile.

Saturday morning cartoons. Well, it wasn’t so much the cartoons I remember but rather the School House Rock educational “diddies” that played in between the cartoons.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Conjuction Junction
I’m Just a Bill

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Throwback

  1. When my kids started school, first thing I did was buy the complete two disc set of the entire School House Rock series. They have as much fun as I did singing along to the songs! I don’t think they even know they are actually learning!

  2. I love these cartoons!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I don’t have kids right now but I’m tempted to by the DVD set for my nephews and for me too!! 🙂

    Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?…

  3. Wow, back when TV actually had some meaning and was educational! I bought those videos years ago when my kids were small and we still talk about them. “I’m Just A Bill”, “Conjunction Junction” and “Figure 8” were our favorites! And yes I will be buying the DVDs for my grandbaby!!
    Nice post!

    Blessings, Regina

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