nosy coworkers

angry.jpgWe’ll call her Tiffany, cause well, that’s the wench’s real name and I don’t like her. I have worked with this social retard for two years and she is just annoying today as she was when I first started with the company.

Since I am a Christian (stop laughing), I have prayed numerous times for God to help me see her as He sees her because after all she is His child also. Never mind the fact she doesn’t believe in God, hates her parents, has a fascination with serial killers, and talks incessantly about her dog’s pee problems (don’t ask cause I won’t waist my blog space explaining the stupidity of it all). See my “Do You” post.

It works for a while, the prayer that is, and then that bloodclot does something else to irk the ever-loving shyt out of me!! Please know that she and I are NOT friends and I keep our conversations to work related topics most times.

One day a couple of weeks ago I was returning from lunch with a male coworker at the same time Tiffany was returning from lunch. We all entered the building through the same door. I didn’t think much of it. Thirty minutes later I enter the ladies room and Tiffany is primping in the mirror when she turns and asks, “So, what’s up with you and that guy?”. With a raised eyebrow to indicate my confusion, I respond, “What guy?”. The conversation proceeds:

Tiffany: “The guy you went to lunch with.”
Chocl8t: “Tyrone?” (Oh, his name I’ve changed)
Tiffany: “Yeah”
Chocl8tIrritated “Nothing. Why would you ask me that?”
Tiffany: “Uh, I just thought since y’all went to lunch…”
Chocl8t: More irritated. “No. I make it a habit not to date men I work with.”
Tiffany: “Well, just between you and me…it could work if you didn’t tell anyone.”
Chocl8t: Pissed “Or if no one would make such stupid assumptions”
Tiffany: “Is he single?”
Chocl8t: Hot as Fish Grease “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him.”

j0433821.pngBeeeeeeyyoaaaatch!! You are a nosy dumb ass!! Why are you all up in my business?

I don’t know if I was so pissed because she actually had the nerve to ask me that shyt or because I actually think Tyrone is fine as HELL and it would go against my steadfast rule of not dating in the workplace! What it did do was, once again, confirm why I have this rule in the first place. I’ve never seen where such situations have ended well. In fact I have had my own bad experience.  See my Happy Valentine’s Day post.

Nosy ass Heffas like this make me want to punch ’em square in the forehead. Why the need for such violence you ask? Did I say how fine Tyrone is? How intelligent and funny? [fanning myself] Yeah…I’ve got to abide by my rules but Nosy Bitches make it hard for me to even enjoy the dayum fantasy.