Cylenthia Clark

For nearly a year, this story has angered me. 

cylenthia-clark2.jpgCylenthia Clark, a former assistant director for Fulton (Georgia) Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), was accused (by Fayette County DFCS) and arrested on child abuse charges for allegedly “beating” (media sources’ word, not mine) her 8 year old daughter with a belt. Ms Clark apparently took a belt to her daughter’s butt for fighting with a student in school and a teacher. Read the story HERE.

There were reports that Ms Clark received preferential treatment because she was a DFCS employee and case workers stated they felt pressured to protect their colleague (full story here). Now the NAACP has stepped up to defend Ms Clark stating she, and other minority families in Fayette county, are being unfairly persecuted.

Clark is still awaiting trial in Fayette County, where the alleged crime occurred. But Thursday morning, Georgia and Fayette County NAACP officials called for a state investigation into not only Clark’s case, but the entire Fayette County DFCS office. They claim she and other minority families are being persecuted.


I believe in corporal punishment. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” is my philosophy. I believe children should have a healthy fear, or reverence shall we say, for their parents. How one chooses to instill that fear –slash– reverence varies from parent to parent but my mother did it with a B.E.L.T.  

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