Sex education and advocating “safe sex” is giving teens permission to have sex.

Allowing pre-teen/early teenage girls to get a bikini wax “could be over-sexualizing” them.

Both of these “theories” are totally absurd to me. TOTALLY.

Earlier in the week, ABCs Good Morning America aired a segment titled “Waxing for Girls Younger Than 15?”. A local ad for Unik Wax Salon promoting a special for teens 15 and younger spurred fierce debate. As reported in the original piece, women on “mommy” sites were in an uproar voicing both approval and disgust.

“To encourage it at such a young age is completely inappropriate and disgusting,” a New York City woman said after seeing the ad” [Source]

Inappropriate? Disgusting?

The onset of puberty in the average girl begins roughly around the age of 9-10 and pubic hair is a part of that process, like it or not. [Source] It’s my theory that the hormones and antibiotics present in the meats we consume these days accelerates the start of puberty. [Source]

When I entered puberty I remember my mother having a series of conversations with me about my ever-so-quickly changing body. One of those conversations centered around hair growth (underarms and pubic area) an the importance of personal hygiene.

Aside from being unsightly while growing beyond the panty line like Kudzu or looking like you have two afro puffs in your arm pits, hair holds odor. As a teen I shaved my underarms and bikini line. In no way did this ritual in hygiene and personal maintenance “sexualize” me.

Because I was, and still am, a hairy girl, my mother made it a point to school me on the art of hair removal. Shaving was the only affordable option available to a single mother on a budget. But man…I wish waxing had been a viable option. Hell, I don’t think my mom even knew what waxing was at that time. It would have saved me from the painful bumps of ingrown hairs and the dark coloration under my arms.

The questions I want to ask those who oppose teens waxing…is it the method with which they take issue?

If so, would they be more comfortable with any other depilatory method?

How does waxing “over-sexualize”, or even sexualize, a young girl?

Is a razor or depilatory cream less disgusting and more appropriate?

Seriously, I need someone to explain that logic to me.