Valentine’s Birthday

chocl8tgirl.jpgAlthough mom’s due date was March 6, I was born on this day (2/14) in Chicago during a blizzard at Woodlawn Hospital – which no longer exists. Mom always tells the story that she “willed” me to be born because she was tired of being pregnant.

That was 41 years ago! 🙂

I am celebrating my birthday today and throughout the weekend with a couple of extremely close friends who share February birthdays also. Spoon (2/10), L-Boogie (2/13), and me will be hitting the streets starting Friday night with about 10 other people.

Laughing will be LOUD! Cocktails & Martinis will be consumed!! A$$es will be shaken and dropped like it’s HOT! Men might be groped, molested, and used for our own personal enjoyment but we can’t be held accountable (blame it on the martinis)! 😉

j0400590.jpgHere’s to 41 being a very, very good year!!

Posting will resume on Monday…