Travis Heckstall

Travis Heckstall, a former Clayton County teacher, has been charged with making terroristic threats against a student and his family. The former science teacher was pushed to the edge of sanity and apparently jumped. In an effort to keep control of his class after he was threatened by students, Mr. Heckstall issued a few threats of his own. He allegedly cursed, spat, threw chairs, threatened to “rip a student’s eyeballs out” and to kill the student’s family.

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According to family and friends, specifically Mr Heckstall’s father Joe Heckstall (a Georgia state representative), this was not characteristic of his son. If we are to believe the elder Hesckstall, Travis Heckstall has been threatened before and brought his concerns of students’ behavior to the administration only to be told to “deal with it”. I am inclined to believe it.

We have all heard the trouble teachers have with unruly students and lack of support from administration. School systems are fearful of lawsuits so they tie the teachers’ hands leaving them with little to no recourse to reasonably discipline the demon seeds they’ve be charged to teach. And guess what? The little darling demon seeds “know” this and they dayum near have free reign to intimidate and antagonize instructors without any real consequences. The patients are running the asylum! I am surprised more teachers haven’t cracked and gone off the deep end.

This doesn’t excuse Mr. Heckstall’s behavior but I can certainly understand. Teachers have my utmost respect because this is NOT a job I could do. I would be facing a long stint in the state pen for beating one of those Devil’s spawn to the white meat. NO DOUBT!