Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Last week I asked followers on Twitter to explain the current phenomena of being called and labeled a “hater” if you express an opposing opinion on a matter.

What prompted this perplexity was a comment I made on Facebook regarding Serena Williams’ yaki #4 weave. (See the comments HERE.) Then the passive aggressive, under-handed, sly comment of another person (Nichelle CNS) lauding all of Ms Williams’s accomplishments and stating anything said otherwise is “hate.”

ORLY? So we all have to agree and sing another’s praises or else, we’re “hating”. As a supporter and believer in the First Amendment, this is the most asinine mentality.

Pious prudes on Facebook is not the only segment of society guilty of this “mentality.”

The Gay & Lesbian community, by and large, does the same thing to those who dare disagree with anything related to them.

Homophobe is  what they call me! *in my Pretty Ricky voice ala “Martin”* (Video, 2:29 mark)

Yes! I’m calling y’all out too boo-boo!

Recently I read an article HERE, where the state of California has passed a law allowing the teaching of “Gay History” to elementary school students.

Wait a minute! Did I read that correctly? Gay History? Yes. There it is in black and white.

Sorry, I can not support this. My reasons are my own and will not be the focus of this post.

This is wrong on so many levels.

I support Gay marriage and non-discriminatory practices against anyone due to their sexual orientation. I believe most gays are born that way with nurturing picking up the slack. I have loved, supported, and lost a close gay male family member to HIV/AIDS. However, in spite of that, by definition, this would make me “Homophobic.”

Don’t agree with allowing little boys to wear pink nail/toe polish, dress in pink tutus and t-shirts with “princess” inscribed on it, or play with girl toys? HOMOPHOBE!

Don’t agree with the gay and lesbian lifestyle because of religious beliefs? HOMOPHOBE! (okay, so many of them really are.)

Don’t think it is necessary for gay men to be overly effeminate? HOMOPHOBE!

Don’t like Dwight Eubanks flaming ass? Both HOMOPHOBE and HATER! (two snaps and a cherry swirl!)

Look, the fact of the mater is I can disagree with you and not hate you or fear you. (Phobia =an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.)

I’m not trying to hold you back, keep you down, not jealous, nor am I hiding some deep dark forbidden desire for a little G.O.G action. (shutupTDV!)

I just do not like that weave on Serena’s head nor do I think elementary students should be taught “Gay History”.

End of story.