Nicole Simpson

The following video from TMZ (watch the video HERE) is a snippet of an encounter with the judge that sentenced OJ to 33 years for his utterly stupid actions in Las Vegas. (story HERE)  If you’re like me, you just chalked it up to Karma having come back. The judge thought so too and voiced as much in the video. Her bias could very well offer the opportunity for OJ to appeal his sentence based on the judge’s prejudices.

The very thought of that has those who believe he killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman a little up in arms. But what if OJ really didn’t do it? What if there was compelling evidence to give one pause or reasonable doubt?

I am not going to offer any editorial on the video below.  Please watch it for yourself when you have time. (It’s 1 hour, 20 mins) After watching it, come back and answer the poll question.

All I can say is WOW!