Morehouse College

History was made at Morehouse College this past weekend. Joshua Packwood graduated the HBCU as its first white valedictorian. A white Morehouse Man!!

But Packwood, 22, doesn’t stand out solely because he is white or has maintained a 4.0 grade point average. For those who don’t know him, what is surprising is that a Rhodes Scholar finalist turned down a full scholarship to Columbia University to attend the all-black men’s university.

This was all over the local news stations here in Atlanta, the home of Martin Luther King, Jr. Some people were upset…let me rephrase that…some black people were upset. No surprise there but if you’re one of those who is upset – you just need to go ahead and get over yourselves…for real!!

For the most part, Packwood says the experience among his Morehouse brethren has been overwhelmingly good – with the exception of a few negative comments.

“One guy came up to me and told me — he didn’t like the fact that I was here,” recalls Packwood. “He absolutely didn’t like the fact that I dated black women.” [Source] Pleas

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