Kellie Wells

Before Tuesday, August 7th, had you heard the names of Olympic gold medalist Dawn Harper or Kellie Wells? What about Lolo Jones?

If you are a casual follower of Track & Field competitors, and by casual I mean rarely until Olympic season, the answer to the first question is probably ‘No’. But we’ve all heard and seen Lolo Jones.

This post was prompted by a Twitter exchange with @HumanityCritic that began with the following tweet.

That was his reaction to an interview Harper and Wells did with NBC’s Michelle Beadle. (Click HERE to watch the video.)

Initially, I totally disagreed with @HumanityCritic about his assertion this amounted to nothing more than a catfight. I blame the media for hyping their chosen favorite, Lolo Jones, although statistically she trailed both Harper and Wells. Although I understand Harper’s & Well’s frustration, the situation could have been handled more…diplomatically. But, I get it and I think I would have responded in similar fashion.

Jones, Harper, & Wells

So ask yourself why did MSM (mainstream media) give all the praise and coverage to Jones leading up to the Olympics?

Yes, she has an “interesting” story…raised by a single mom with five children, lived in a church basement, father in prison, attended 8 schools in 8 years, and she’s still a virgin. A great boot strap story right? Agreed.

Compare it to Kellie Wells’ story…raped by her mother’s boyfriend/fiancé as a teen, moved out of the home to escape and a month later both her mother and the boyfriend die in a tragic car accident.

Dawn Harper’s story…no real personal tragedies but she did manage to compete mere months after having knee surgery.

Equally compelling stories.

So again, ask yourself why all the Lolo hype? Is it because her story “played” better and she is more “relatable“? And by relatable I mean not as black. Is it because Lolo is considered to be more “marketable“? And by more marketable I mean not as black.

Well, I don’t have to ask because I think I already know…after all this is MSM we’re talking about. But I would be remissed not to call a spade a spade.

Boom!! Just like that…

@HumanityCritic thinks both Wells and Harper have “tarnished the possibility to get the kind of shine they deserve” and sadly enough, I agree. However, that might have its advantages for their respective families who can possibly avoid the media attention and scrutiny into their personal and private affairs as is the case with Gabby Douglas’ & Ryan Lochte‘s families.

Let Lolo Jones bask in the glare of the spotlight which will eventually grow dim and fade away because Dawn Harper’s and Kellie Wells’ name will forever be etched in Olympic history as silver and bronze medal winners.

BOOM!! Just like that…


It would appear that Danielle C. Belton over at Clutch Magazine has echoed my sentiments more in depth hits the nail on the head! BRAVO!!