Estrogen Free Zone

When IBM appointed Virginia M. Rometty as the CEO last year, none of us gave any thought about the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club. But here we are at the end of the tourney and the media, feminists groups and the general public are anxiously waiting. Waiting to see if The Masters will depart from its long standing tradition of a men’s only membership and extend and invitation to Rometty.

The Master’s also has a long standing tradition of offering memberships to the CEOs of its sponsoring companies. Billy Payne, the golf club chairman, firmly refused to answer questions regarding the topic during last Wednesday’s press conference.

This had women’s groups and feminists salivating and hoping to get their Jimmy Choo clad feet in the door, publicly proclaiming it’s time to be let in the “good ol’ boys” club.

To which I say…Have a Seat girlfriends!

First, a question. Why are “some” women clamoring and fighting to gain entry to a place where they are not wanted? Seriously, why?

For those would argue it is the last bastion of the good old boy network that women have yet to infiltrate, I would agree, it is one of the last. But as the saying goes, “everything ain’t for everybody“. Let me clue you in on something…being a woman does not entitle you to anything just because you are a woman. (I include myself in that also.) Let the men have some peace of mind…their own place of solitude where they can gather and do shit that men do without worrying about offending your “delicate constitution”.

If you present the argument that their men only membership policy is discriminatory and infringes on your civil rights, again, I say NO it DOES NOT. Barring women from a private club does not inhibit your access to employment, housing, voting rights, education, nor access to PUBLIC facilities. (See the legal definition for discrimination HERE.) The Augusta National Golf Club is a PRIVATE club ladies. PRIVATE!

We have our women’s only organizations. Why isn’t this enough? There’s the Junior League, Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Woman Suffrage Association, Girl Scouts, Brownies, numerous sororities, fitness clubs tailored for women, and of course, lesbians. As far as I know men aren’t banging down doors and demanding membership into these groups, well with the exception of lesbians. I don’t know of one red blooded man that doesn’t want in on some G.O.G. action. But I digress.

Remember how the little neighborhood boys formed their own clubs in tree houses, abandoned sheds, and dark dingy basements where they loudly and fiercely proclaimed “NO GIRLS ALLOWED!”? Same concept, except we’re all adults now.

So put on your big girl panties, take off those pumps, and sit all the way down….cause I know those shoes are killing your corns!