fathers and daughters

I’ve been absent for a while, I know and I apologize. Thanks to all who have reached out to me. 🙂

I have not been inspired to write except for one or two pieces for my crazy friends at O’ Hell Nawl. Being crazy busy at work hasn’t been a help, in fact it is another reasons for my absence.

For the past week, one of my closest and dearest friends has been visiting from out of state. Since she is a remote employee she can work from just about any where as long as there is an internet connection. My evenings have been spent laughing, talking, eating, and drinking with her eliminating my evening blogging time – and that is a good thing. Sometimes it’s best to unplug and step away for a moment.

This quality time spent with her has been good. I’ve had a few epiphanies, a couple of “WOW!” moments, and a couple of moments that made me pause. I’m left with a deeper resolve to pray for not only her but for my own emotional healing. I will not go into details because my purpose is never to hurt her or to put her on blast – I love her too much for that. However, I will say that fathers, you have a PROFOUND effect on your daughters that reverberate through every aspect of their lives. If you’re a good father and husband – kind, loving, nurturing, protective, and involved – you’ll see the fruits of your labor. If you are not, you may not see nor feel it – but the rest of the world will.

Another, close friend (I have only 2) is beginning divorce proceedings and will be moving in with me this weekend. I am not sure how long she will be with me before she gets on her feet. This too has me in prayer. I’ve lived alone and been on my own since I was in my early twenties. Having another person in “my space” will be nothing short of a challenge. I know this is what I am to do for God has placed it on my heart so strongly that it is “a charge to keep I have.” If you have a personal relationship with God, you know what that means. 😉  But I am not so naïve to think I will not be challenged to grow and learn from this experience either. So I pray for strength and I ask that you keep me, and her, in your prayers also.

Once the dust settles I am certain I can get back into the groove and begin posting regularly. I’m looking forward to jumping back into Old School Fridays and giving you my views on everything from A to Z.

Peace, Love, & Blessings!!