Remember my post on Eugenics and Planned Parenthood titled “Pro Choice or Black Genocide? You Decide“? It seems we are revisiting this topic again due to some controversial billboards that have gone up around the city of Atlanta. 

As I mentioned in an email to Beth, who forwarded the video link, I remain Pro-Choice but the numbers are disturbing, to say the least. 

One lady in the video says “The figures are unfair“. Unfair? How so?

According to the statistics quoted in the video, black women are seeking out abortions at a much higher rate than white women. Almost double the rate! DOUBLE!! The numbers don’t lie lady!

And for those who scream it’s racist I say stick a sock in it…or put a condom on IT! The statistical data is not racist! 

I know it is difficult to face the truth. It is difficult to take a long hard look at yourself, at your community and ask…’what is really going on here?’ But it must be done. Maybe these billboard will be the catalyst for the necessary dialogue. 

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