I am not for the bullshit in 2009.

New year. New attitude. Take notice.

A co-worker didn’t get that memo. She attempted to pull me into a conversation in which she was criticizing the dress our manager wore to the Christmas party. It went something like this:

M: Chocl8t, come here (I go to her desk, she’s looking at pics from the xmas party)
M: As fly and sharp as “A” dresses, this is what she wore?
Chocl8t – (smacks M on the arm) I’m not doing this shit with you in 2009! It was a simple black dress, leave it alone!
M: I just asked a question…(laughs)

Honey, get a clue and while you’re at it, a life too. Your need to constantly talk about this woman and what she does, drives, and wears is screaming J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Stop focusing on her and get your life together because it’s clear to everyone that you are unhappy with YOU. Good luck with that, by the way.

No Pain. No Gain.

My goal is to reach12-15% body fat so I’ve dragged my butt back to the gym after a 5 month absence. As usual, and as expected, my body’s reaction is like “Da hell are you doing to me!!” Every time I go back after a long absence, I promise myself not to do it again because quite frankly – it hurts. The process of increasing my muscle strength and endurance after a long down time is NOT fun. I have no one to blame but myself. Wish me luck. No, scratch that…PRAY for me. 😛

Lead. Follow. Or move out of my way.

We’ve talked. We’ve joked. We’ve laughed. We’ve drank. Flirted shamelessly. The attraction is obvious. Also obvious is that I am interested. Don’t get it twisted though. All I can see for the moment is me having fun enjoying the ride. Don’t just talk about it…be about it. 😛

The guilt trip.

Most mothers have perfected this little tool in their arsenal. Mine is no different. She doesn’t even realize she’s doing it, or at least she pleads innocent when I call her on it. Loves you mommy but it stops right now. Oh, continue to do you but I will sit it out on the sidelines. Mmmkay. ::giggles::