Big Boom

“One more ride Mommy!!!”

“Sexuaa Chocolate!!”

“Ya know you want me!! Sssssss!!”

“I think I’m chafe…Ssssss”

“I must. I must. I must develop my bust!”

This is Steve Harvey’s bodyguard Big Boom. I’m too tickled to get into it any further but you can see more photos and read the back story at Young, Black & Fabulous. To get an even more hilarious take on this hot krispy baby oiled bronzin’ mess, you can visit O’ Hell Nawl.


Gawd knows I love Steve Harvey, I do!! But I just about died laughing at these pictures!! I’m glad that he has taken the initiative to get in shape, showing that is never too late. However, the baby oil and bronzer was just a bit much because it is in stark contrast to his hands and head!

Well…go on witcho baaad sexxy bronzed butt!! LMAO!!!!