Bath & Body Works

As a single woman handling her business and holding it down for my family of one, I often feel like I have no one to lean on and if I don’t make it happen, well, it won’t.

This mentality has pushed me to be extremely independent, many times to my detriment because it keeps me from asking for help when I really need it. As a result, I often suffer from debilitating bouts of S.S. – Superwoman Syndrome.

Just recently I moved to a different area of town and had I not had the good sense to accept the help that was offered by family and friends, I would have attempted to do it all on my own succumbing, yet again, to the S.S.

This is a heartfelt THANK YOU to those family members and friends who stepped to the plate, extending to me their love, kindness, and generosity.

First to my mom who was determined not to let Hurricane Isaac keep her from me. although her plans were deferred for only a day, she drove from Louisiana to help her baby girl move. What can you say? A mother’s love is infinite and knows no bounds.

To my sister, VH, for helping me pack and for just being there.

To my cousin, E-Mac, for being willing to be there with his truck at a moment’s notice when I was in full panic mode. For doing what you had to do to get that refrigerator to DRob because he just had to have it. *wink*

To my brother from another mother, LT, for storing some of my things in his basement and for installing the lock on the back door after the locksmith mistakenly drilled it out. You’re a life saver for real!!!

To my cousin, DMC, for helping me move the last of things from the old place and for unpacking my kitchen. You will forever be my “Punkin-Wunklin”!!

To Elicia, aka “Sweaty Betty” (inside joke), for also helping me get the last things out of that hot house and again, for the book! Gracias mi amiga!

To L-Boogie for feeding the tired souls at my house on moving day and for putting the linens on my bed that first night! AWESOME!

To Kimmy-Kim for organizing the insane amount of toiletries and hair care products in my bathroom. Yes, I admit it – I have an obsession with Bath & Body Works and I need a support group!

I appreciate each of you and I am humbled that you took the time to help when I needed it.

Love and hugs to you all!!!