Allen Jamar McDowell

Take a good look at this guy. Allen Jamar McDowell is accused of sexually assaulting two women after luring them to an apartment. This 18 year old dipsh*t is HIV Positive and used Craigs List to find his victims. DeKalb County police want to know if there are any other women who may have fallen victim to this sick bastard.

Police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said Tuesday one woman was raped and the other robbed and sexually assaulted at the vacant apartment at 3527 Kensington Road.

Investigators think there are other victims and are urging them to call the the DeKalb County Special Victims Unit at (770) 724-7710. Read story here.

Maaan, how I wish I could set the punishment for rapist, child molesters, and pedophiles! These deviants would face sentences to include but not limited to the following:

  • A razor blade spike sliding board into a pool of rubbing alcohol.
  • Fitted with a customized testicle gripping vice
  • Daily anal probing with the Jaws of Life
  • Timed Testicle Tasering

My heart goes out to McDowell’s victims. The sexual assault and resulting mental anguish is exponentially compounded by the rapist’s HIV status. For the next 10+ years the women will need to be tested regularly for HIV, potentially ruining their lives. Lets keep these women in our prayers.