I had never been a big James Bond fan – I didn’t dislike the movie franchise but neither was I interested. When Daniel Craig was named the “new” James Bond I sat there scratching my head thinking WTH!! This man is not handsome and has no swagger. I was convinced the producers, directors, ect. had lost their minds.

That was…….until I watched Casino Royale.

Good Laaawwwd!!! SWEET JESUS, MARY, & JOSEPH!!!!! Daniel Craig is FIONE AS HAIL!!! ::swoons::

The scene where his captor is interrogating him while he sits in the chair…NUDE…fine and ripped.

Jesus Be a wet wipe….Lawdy mercy me!!

Yeah. I was won over.

So imagine my excitement last night when the official trailer for “Quantum of Solace” came on. I got all tingly with excitement!!! 😉

I AM SOOOO THERE AT THE THEATER IN NOVEMBER!!! Me, popcorn, soda, Raisenettes….and my wet wipes!!!

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